Grow Plants in Grow Bags: A Beginner’s Guide

Grow Plants in Grow Bags

For an enriching experience in gardening, growing plants in grow bags are an excellent choice regardless of skill level – beginner or pro! Opting for grow bags offers convenience while still producing satisfactory results when growing these plants indoors or outdoors because of their durable fabric construction providing crucial features: proper drainage and airflow – paramount factors in optimal plant growth! When buying your plant grow bag (s), check if they are at least 5 gallons, as they provide ample space for robust development.

Grow Bags

Also, ensure the chosen bag has safe materials since options on the market potentially release harmful chemicals into your soil under variable conditions affecting plant growth negatively.

Our team at our testing facility took numerous hours delving into multiple reviewed-grow-bag options suited explicitly towards producing healthy plant crops – analyzing significant attributes like sturdiness, size effectiveness (space), and drainage efficiency while still being cost-affordable.

We’ve narrowed the options to bring you our top picks, providing convenient references for the best-suited grow bags to enhance your plant growing experience!

Hemoton Planting Grow Bag

If you’re looking for a space-saving solution for your plants, the Hemoton Planting Grow Bag might be a good option.


It allows you to grow plants in a small space, apartment, or a limited outdoor area.

It’s easy for indoor and outdoor gardening, perfect for creating a vertical herb garden or bright feature wall.


It might be smaller than expected.

Some users don’t like the bright green color.

It’s rather flimsy.

As someone who has tried this product, I can say that the Hemoton Planting Grow Bag is an excellent solution for those who want to grow plants in a small space. It’s perfect for apartments or limited outdoor areas since it saves a lot of space.

In my assessment of the product in question, one clear observation was that it does not measure up in scale compared with my initial expectations. Therefore, if you intend to develop large flora varieties, then perhaps you should consider other alternative bags instead. On top of this aspect, some users have mentioned their aversion to the bright green color – though, as previously mentioned, such aesthetics are subjective. Finally, however- and rather importantly- one must pay close attention while handling this item due to its fragile construction.

Overall, if you’re looking for a space-saving solution for your plants, the Hemoton Planting Grow Bag is a good option.

Utopia Home 5 Pack 5 Gallon Fabric Grow Bags

If you’re looking for a versatile and durable solution for your gardening needs, the Utopia Home 5-Pack 5-Gallon Fabric Grow Bags are a great option.


Made from high quality polyester felt fabric that is reusable and breathable.

Proper ventilation and drainage for healthy plant growth

Easily movable planting bags with two foldable flaps on both sides


It may not be suitable for larger plants.

It may need to be secured to prevent tipping in windy conditions.

The breathable fabric allowed for proper aeration and drainage, which resulted in healthy plant growth. Drainage is so good that plants may need to be watered daily.

The bags easily moved around thanks to the two foldable flaps on both sides. While the 5-gallon size was perfect for our smaller plants, larger plants may need a bigger bag.

Overall, we recommend the Utopia Home 5-Pack 5 Gallon Fabric Grow Bags for anyone looking for a durable and versatile solution for their gardening needs.

JERIA 12-Pack 7 Gallon Grow Bags

If you’re looking for an easy and efficient way to grow plants, consider the JERIA 12-Pack 7-Gallon Grow Bags.


The nonwoven fabric material allows roots to breathe and grow healthier, boosting plant growth and yields.

The built-in study handles make it easy to move the plants planted in the bag anywhere and anytime.

The 7-gallon pot dimension of 13″ diameter and 12″ height allows you to grow more in less space.


The handles could be sewn further down to avoid getting in the way while watering.

We’ve used these grow bags for our plants and have been impressed with the results. The nonwoven fabric material creates an improved overall root structure, which has led to healthier plants and better yields. The built-in study handles make it easy to move the plants around, which is especially helpful when the weather changes.

One notable advantage of our product is that it facilitates growth and yield in restricted spaces- ideal for those short on the gardening ground. However, watering circumstances can be tricky as the handles obstruct plant growth, requiring mindful supervision. It’s also prudent to monitor soil capacity, as advertised volumes may not always be accurate. Furthermore, water leakage may occur through the bags, so you must place them on waterproof surfaces for protection.

Overall, we recommend the JERIA 12-Pack 7 Gallon Grow Bags for anyone looking for an easy and efficient way to grow vegetables.

KuMers Grow Bags

We highly recommend the KuMers Grow Bags for anyone who grows plants in grow bags.


Excellent drainage water power

Easy to transport with sturdy handle straps.


Some customers have complained that the bags are smaller than advertised.

Watering needs to be more frequent than in-ground growing.

Some customers have experienced issues with the bags tearing after multiple uses.

We have personally used the KuMers Grow Bags and found them an excellent option for growing plants. The bags are made of high-quality, durable nonwoven fabric that is fluffy and has a good hand feeling. The material is also moderately permeable and BPA-free, making it a safe option for growing vegetables.

The bags come in a pack of 12, each 5 gallons in size. The wide polypropylene ribbon handle makes it easy to transport the bags, and the sturdy handle straps ensure that they can be moved around safely.

One of the best features of the KuMers Grow Bags is their excellent drainage water power. The bags can automatically flow off excess liquid, saving water and heat preservation while storing many nutrients to meet plant growth needs. Our plants have grown exceptionally well in these bags, with no overwatering or root rot issues. Watering needs to be more frequent than in-ground growing, as the bags can dry out quickly.

Overall, we highly recommend the KuMers Grow Bags for anyone looking to grow plants in grow bags.

Garnen 10 Gallon Garden Grow Bags

If you want a durable and eco-friendly option for growing your plants, Garnen’s 10-gallon grow bags are worth considering.


The breathable fabric allows air to circulate, promoting healthy root growth and preventing over-watering.

The reinforced handles make it easy to transport your plants, whether you’re moving them indoors or outdoors.


The black/green color may not be aesthetically pleasing to some gardeners.

The 10-gallon size may be too small for larger plants such as trees or shrubs.

We recently used Garnen’s grow bags to grow some vegetables on our patio and were impressed with their durability and functionality. The nonwoven fabric is heavy-duty and well-stitched, and the nylon handles are reinforced for added strength. The breathable fabric also allows air pruning, promoting stronger root growth and healthier plants.

Remember that the cylindrical form may not suit every flora type when contemplating planters. Our experimentation indicates it functions effectively for tomatoes and peppers, but substantial greens like trees or shrubs might require an alternative structure. Furthermore, although some may dislike the color scheme in black or green hues, we value the bags’ eco-conscious properties.

Overall, we recommend Garnen’s grow bags for anyone who wants an eco-friendly and durable option for growing their plants.

The limited lifetime warranty is a nice bonus, and the reinforced handles make it easy to transport your plants wherever needed.

Buyers Guide

Here are some features to look for:


The material of the grow bag is an essential factor to consider.

These materials will allow for proper air circulation and drainage, which is essential for healthy growth.


The size of the grow bag is also essential.

Choose a bag that is large enough to accommodate your plant’s root system.

Too small a bag will restrict root growth, leading to stunted or unhealthy plants.


Handling grow bags can be helpful, especially if you plan on moving the bags around.

Look for bags with sturdy handles that are securely attached to the bag.


Proper drainage is necessary for healthy plant growth.

Look for bags with drainage holes or slits along the bottom or sides.

These allow excess water to drain from the roots, preventing waterlogging and root rot.

The Price

Price is an important consideration when buying any product.

Investing in a quality product will pay off in the long run with healthy and abundant harvests.

Using these features, you can choose the best plant grow bag.


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