Microgreens are an excellent addition to any garden. They are easy to grow. They require minimal space, making them ideal for even the smallest gardens. Microgreens can be grown indoors or outdoors, in containers, or directly into the ground. All they need is plenty of sunlight and some water! With proper care, microgreens will produce a steady supply of fresh greens within just a few weeks from planting.

The nutritional benefits of growing microgreens make them especially desirable for gardeners looking to add more nutritious options to their diets. These tiny plants contain up to 40 times more vitamins than mature vegetables like kale and spinach! They provide essential nutrients and intense flavor; many varieties have a spicy kick that adds zest to salads and sandwiches!

Gardening provides many rewards beyond simply having access to fresh food – it’s also an enjoyable hobby with great potential health benefits. Growing your microgreen crop at home can help you save money while providing nutrient-rich ingredients right at your fingertips all year round – no grocery store needed! Whether new to gardening or experienced as a green thumb, adding these flavorful little plants will give your meals extra nutrition without sacrificing taste.

When choosing a microgreen growing kit, there are several essential considerations. The size of the kit is one factor, as kits designed for small spaces will be able to produce smaller amounts of microgreens than larger ones. Additionally, materials used in the construction should also be considered; sustainable materials such as bamboo can help reduce environmental impact and increase durability over time.

It’s essential to consider what seeds are included with the kit; some may only have one or two types, while others offer a variety that allows you to experiment with different flavors and textures.

In addition to these factors when selecting a grower’s kit for your microgreens, gardeners need to look no further than our top picks below! Our choices range from beginner-level starter kits that come complete with everything needed to get started quickly up to advanced systems capable of producing pounds of fresh greens every week! Each option has been carefully tested to ensure quality performance and ease of use, so you can rest assured of getting the best value for money regardless of which choice to go.

Remember not to forget about accessories! Growing lights, LED strips proper ventilation fans are all great additions to any setup making sure to harvest the healthiest possible crop each harvest. With the right combination of equipment and tools, you soon have a bountiful supply of delicious, nutritious greens ready to enjoy at home!

Best Products for Growing Microgreens

Growing microgreens is a great way for gardeners to enjoy the satisfaction of growing their fresh produce. They are packed with flavor and nutrients and can grow indoors year-round with minimal space and effort. Our website is passionate about helping you start your journey toward growing your microgreens.

We have rounded up the best products to help make the process easy and enjoyable for all levels of gardening experience – from seasoned gardeners to beginners alike. Our selection includes everything from starter kits containing essential supplies such as seed trays, soil mix, scissors, clippers, or tweezers to more advanced equipment like grow lights or hydroponic systems if you’re looking for an even bigger challenge! With these tools in hand, it will be no time before you enjoy your harvest of homegrown microgreens!

We want to remind everyone that no matter what level of gardener you may be, there is always something new waiting around every corner – so don’t forget to take some time out each day. Just appreciate nature’s beauty too! Growing plants doesn’t need complicated gadgets or expensive materials – sometimes all it takes is a little patience and love, which will bring its rewards over time when those first shoots begin sprouting from the soil 🙂

Gardzen 5-Pack Seed Sprout Trays, BPA-Free Trays, Soil-Free, Ideal for Mung, Wheatgrass, Greens Seeds, Indoor Gardening

Made with premium plastic material and BPA-free, the Gardzen seed sprouter tray is ideal for gardeners who want to sprout edible greens and safely eat healthily. The white tray has many dense holes that keep small seeds like wheatgrass and mung on it while providing excellent air permeability so they can quickly sprout out strong roots. Additionally, its concave-convex design makes it easy to remove the white tray without messing up or destroying any seeds or seedlings.

The green reservoir holds enough moisture and nutrition for germination and allows users to conveniently change clean water to provide a good environment for their plants’ growth. This feature makes Gardzen seed sprouter trays great indoors and outdoors – allowing gardeners everywhere to enjoy watching natural growing processes from start to finish! Finally, you can use your freshly grown crops, such as wheatgrass, mung beans, greens, alfalfa, etc., in salads, sandwiches, soups, and more – ensuring you get all those essential nutrients into your daily meals!
EBaokuup Seed Sprouter Tray

Gardening at home can be an enjoyable and rewarding experience, especially when you have the right tools. The EBaokuup Seed Sprouter Tray is an excellent option for growing microgreens at home. It has ten trays and 40 planting papers, perfect for multiple plantings. Additionally, the solid PP material is BPA-free, non-toxic, and odorless, so your food will be safe to consume. The double-deck design allows for excellent breathability and faster seed growth than other cultivation methods.

There are some drawbacks with this product: it’s essential to follow instructions carefully to avoid mold growth on seeds which could impact their health or taste negatively; some seeds may require soil or chemical additives as well as water if they achieve optimal growth rates; finally depending on what type of plants you’re trying to grow the tray size may need adjustment if larger plants are being grown or larger quantities of microgreens are desired.

The EBaokuup Seed Sprouter Tray offers an excellent solution for those looking to start growing their healthy produce from home without any hassle! Its convenient features: such as ten trays with 40 planting papers, solid PP material that’s BPA free, non-toxic & odorless, plus its double deck design allowing better breathability & faster seed growth, makes gardening easier than ever before!

Perfect for Beginners

The EBaokuup Seed Sprouter Tray is perfect for beginners who want to grow microgreens at home. It’s easy to use and has everything you need to start. The trays are made of solid PP material, which is durable and non-toxic. The double-deck design allows for excellent breathability, which helps seeds grow faster.

One of the main advantages of the EBaokuup Seed Sprouter Tray is its ten sets of trays and 40 planting papers to plant multiple types of seeds at once. It makes it perfect for those who want to experiment with different types of microgreens. However, you need to follow the instructions carefully to avoid mold growth on the seeds. Some seeds may also require soil or chemical additives for optimal growth.

The EBaokuup Seed Sprouter Tray is an excellent tool for gardeners interested in growing microgreens at home. It includes everything you need to get started, including the tray, lid, and water reservoir. The tray size may be too small for larger plants or larger quantities of microgreens, but this should not be an issue since most people want to grow small amounts at home.

One advantage of using the EBaokuup Seed Sprouter Tray is that it makes growing your greens convenient and easy; all you have to do is fill up the water reservoir regularly so your seeds can germinate properly. You don’t have to worry about soil quality or other environmental factors if you regularly keep your seed sprouter watered!
Additionally, because it’s such a compact design, it takes a small amount of counter space in your kitchen.

If you’re looking for an easy way to start growing microgreens at home without too many extra supplies, then the EBaokuup Seed Sprouter Tray could be exactly what you need! Although its size might limit how much produce one can grow from each batch of seeds sprouted within it – depending on what type of plant they choose.

Overall, this product offers convenience and ease of use while giving gardeners plenty of opportunities when experimenting with different kinds of vegetables from seedlings indoors.

Microgreens Growing Kit Self Watering – Includes Microgreens Tray, Microgreens Seeds, Mats and Bamboo Surround. No Soil Needed. Easy to Set up. Sprouting Kit that water once. Guaranteed to Grow.

Gardeners looking to start growing their microgreens will find Fun & Easiest To Grow – PROVEN Customer Favorite is a perfect choice. This kit includes everything you need, including a tray, hydroponic insert, hemp mats, and black-out felt lid – no special light or soil is required. It also contains five varieties of premium organic seeds for maximum variety in your crop: broccoli (the top-selling seed variety), kale, kohlrabi arugula, and cabbage. With just water added every other day or so, this kit guarantees success in only 7-10 days!

The Fun & Easiest To Grow – PROVEN Customer Favorite kit makes it easy for any gardener to begin growing their own microgreens at home without worrying about complicated setup or equipment requirements. The natural wood surround on the tray looks sleek and elegant while providing an attractive backdrop for your mini garden as it sprouts up over time. Not only will you be able to enjoy fresh produce right from your kitchen counter, but family and friends are sure to be impressed when they see how quickly you grew such a bountiful crop of microgreens!

Grow 2 Ways For Maximum Success – Our complete kit lets you grow hydroponically or traditionally with soil. This is essential for healthy plants that require one method or the other. Other kits force you only to grow one way, limiting the variety of Microgreens you can grow. Popular sunflowers, chard, peas, and others grow best in soil. We give you everything you need to grow both ways for far greater variety and thrilling results your first time.

Clear Easy-to-Follow Instructions – Our expert-created instruction manual is the best in the industry. It steps you through preparing, planting, sprouting, and growing with clear directions, drawings, and photos. Our motto is EAT WELL, LIVE WELL. Microgreens have 40% more nutrition than adult veggies from the store. Enjoy fresh baby vegetables for snacks, ingredients, and salads rich in essential vitamins and minerals.

Mr. Pen Plastic Growing Trays

When growing plants, having the right tools is essential for success. For a durable and reliable growing tray for your microgreen plants, then Mr. Pen Plastic Growing Trays might be a good choice.

The package includes five pcs of seeding trays made of sturdy plastic, which can be repeatedly used, making them cost-effective and eco-friendly. The trays are designed with raised edges to help keep soil, fertilizer, and water inside while keeping your work area neat – perfect to avoid messes!

However, there are some drawbacks worth considering before purchasing these trays, such as their price tag being slightly higher than other products on the market and their size potentially too small depending on what type of plant one wants to grow in them.

Additionally, they come in black, which may absorb too much heat during hot weather, thus affecting plant growth negatively. Despite this, these Mr. Pen Plastic Growing Trays effectively manage your microgreen plants without breaking the bank or creating a mess!

Sturdy and Reliable

We have used Mr. Pen Plastic Growing Trays to grow our microgreen plants and found them sturdy and reliable. The trays are easy to clean and can be reused multiple times, significantly reducing waste and saving money. The drainage holes are well-designed and allow for proper water drainage.

The only downside is that the trays might be small for some users who want to grow larger plants, but they are perfect for growing microgreens and other small plants. Overall, we recommend Mr. Pen Plastic Growing Trays for any home gardener who wants to grow their plants.

Nature Jims Sprouts Salad Sprout Mix

We highly recommend the Nature Jims Sprouts Salad Sprout Mix for anyone looking for a quick and easy way to grow their nutritious salad mixed greens. With a sprouting time of just five days, this organic, non-GMO salad mix is perfect for beginners and experienced gardeners.


The salad mix is certified organic and non-GMO, which ensures you get high-quality, healthy seeds to grow your greens.
The mix includes a variety of delicious and nutritious sprouts, including broccoli, alfalfa, radish, and clover, giving your next salad or sandwich a flavorful and vitamin-packed twist.
The salad mix is expertly crafted by Nature Jims Sprouts, a trusted family-owned company offering premium sprouting seeds since 1955.


The salad mix is not equal in parts for a specific reason, and some may find the flavors too strong. A separate bag of broccoli and radish seeds is recommended for a stronger flavor.

The salad mix requires regular watering and a clean environment to grow properly.
The product may not be suitable for those who do not have access to outdoor growing space.

Gardeners looking for a quick and easy way to grow their salad greens should consider Nature Jims Sprouts Salad Sprout Mix. This certified organic, non-GMO mix contains various delicious and nutritious sprouts, including broccoli, alfalfa, radish, and clover. With regular watering and a clean environment to grow correctly, the mix can provide fresh homegrown salad greens in just five days!

The Nature Jims Sprouts Salad Sprout Mix has been carefully crafted so that it does not contain equal parts of each seed type but instead contains an optimal blend of seeds for growing healthy mixed salads. For gardeners, this means you get the best combination possible without spending extra time selecting individual types or amounts of seeds yourself.

Not only will you save time, but you will also be assured that your plants will receive all the nutrients they need from this special blend designed specifically for growing mixed salads quickly!

Overall we highly recommend Nature Jims Sprouts Salad Sprout Mix as an excellent choice if you want a quick and easy way to grow your nutritious salad greens at home – no matter what level gardener you may be! With its careful selection process ensuring high-quality ingredients plus its ease of use with minimal effort required on behalf of the gardener – there is nothing else like it today. When it comes to providing such tasty results within only five days after planting.

Buying Guide

Seed Quality

When buying microgreen plants, it is essential to consider a few key factors to get the best product for your needs. The seeds’ quality is one of the most important features when selecting microgreen plants. It’s best to choose organic and non-GMO seeds labeled as “microgreen” seeds, as they will provide optimal growth and nutrition.

Additionally, you should check if any additional nutrients have been added during cultivation; this can help ensure that your microgreens contain all the necessary vitamins and minerals they need while growing indoors or outdoors.

Another factor to consider when purchasing microgreens is their expiration date—you want freshness! Look for products with an extended shelf life to enjoy them longer without worrying about spoilage or nutrient loss due to excessive exposure to sunlight or other environmental conditions. Finally, ensure there aren’t any signs of pests on the seedlings, such as aphids, before purchasing; this will help prevent any unwanted infestations once planted at home.

By considering these key factors when purchasing microgreens – quality seed selection (organic/non-GMO), added nutrients during the cultivation process, expiration date & pest control – gardeners can be confident they are getting high-quality products with maximum nutritional value. Considering each element ensures gardeners receive top-notch results every time!

Seed Germination

Gardening is a popular hobby, and growing microgreens can be an exciting way to get started. Before beginning your project, it’s essential to consider the germination rate of the seeds you will use. The germination rate refers to what percentage of seeds sprout and grow into healthy plants when planted in soil or other mediums. Seeds with higher rates are more likely to produce larger yields than those with lower rates, so they should be preferred whenever possible.

When purchasing seeds for microgreens gardening projects, look closely at their packaging and research them online if necessary before making a purchase decision. Many companies offer detailed information about their products, including germination rates and other helpful information, such as recommended planting depth and optimal temperature conditions for best results during growth periods.

By doing this research upfront, you can ensure that you select only high-quality seed varieties with excellent potential yield outcomes once planted in your garden beds or containers indoors or outdoors, depending on climate requirements.

In addition to researching each variety before purchase, it’s also important not to buy too much seed at once. Plan on planting and using all of it immediately due to its shelf life which may vary from one type/brand/variety over another. Even though most types have good longevity when stored correctly, but still need replacing after some months since freshness levels drop off gradually over time, thus reducing chances of successful sprouting & growth afterward.

It helps avoid wasting money by buying more than needed while allowing flexibility. Based upon actual weather conditions (temperature/moisture etc.) throughout seasonality changes which could potentially affect overall success & yield outcomes from any given batch used later down the line.

Container Size

Container size is an essential factor to consider when growing microgreens. The available space and the number of microgreens you want to grow will dictate what container size is best for your needs. If convenience and cost are a priority, purchasing a complete grow kit with all necessary items, such as containers, soil, lights, and seeds, may be the way to go. Otherwise, individual containers can be purchased separately to customize their setup according to their specific requirements.

Proper Lighting

When selecting a container or grow kit, it’s essential that adequate lighting is provided for the plant’s growth cycle not to be disrupted due to its lack of exposure to natural sunlight indoors, where they are grown most often nowadays. LED full-spectrum lights should provide enough light intensity while also being adjustable to control both duration and intensity depending on plant development stage requirements at any given time during its growth cycle.


It’s important to remember that proper drainage must also exist within each container. Allowing excess water to flow without disrupting root systems could lead to nutrient deficiencies or even death if left unchecked over extended periods. That would result in poor-quality crops.

Always use a good potting mix designed for indoor gardening when filling up each respective planter/container with soil before planting your chosen seed(s). A little extra effort goes into ensuring these essential elements are taken care of but doing so will ensure successful harvests every time!


The product’s price is an essential factor for gardeners looking to grow microgreens. When investing in quality seeds and equipment, spending your money wisely is essential. To ensure you get good value for your money, look for a product that fits your budget while providing all the features necessary for successful microgreen growth.

When evaluating different products on the market, consider what type of growing environment you have available and how much space you can dedicate to growing microgreens. Depending on these factors and how many plants or trays of seedlings are desired, it will help narrow down which products best suit individual needs and budgets.

Additionally, it may be beneficial to research reviews from other customers who have purchased similar items before making any final decisions about buying certain products over others if there is doubt between two or more options being considered.

Don’t forget that with proper care and maintenance, most types of equipment used when cultivating greens should last several years. Thus making them cost-effective investments even if they seem expensive at first glance due to their initial cost upfront compared with cheaper alternatives found online or locally.

Considering all these points before buying any specific item will help guarantee satisfaction upon purchase by ensuring that one receives exactly what was expected and at a reasonable price point.



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