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Strawberries can be grown successfully and efficiently in strawberry planters, pots, towers, if you have the correct container and growing circumstances, you’d be amazed at how many berries you may get in a single season. You can grow enough delicious strawberries to last you for a whole season, whether you like classic strawberry pots or specially-made tower planters.

Strawberries can be grown effectively in a grow bag or the conventional way, in the ground. However, there are many approaches to strawberry and other summer fruit cultivation. Such as strawberry pots, vertical gardens, hanging planters, or raised beds.

This makes strawberry farming accessible to everyone, regardless of whether they have a sizable backyard garden or a tiny balcony. Thanks to the cutting-edge rotating planters available, cultivating them indoors is also possible.

Remember that a good amount of nutrient-rich soil and lots of sunshine are essential for effectively producing delectably sweet and juicy strawberries in pots. Greater sunlight helps grow luscious red fruits, which is healthier.

Strawberry Planters: Types

It’s essential to consider your available area and whether you want to display your strawberries or need a container that will do the job when choosing a strawberry planter. Our review covers the Best Strawberry Planters Pots And Towers

If floor space is limited, you should consider a strawberry tower that rises vertically. Or utilize that south-facing outbuilding wall by using wall hanging. Let’s go over the various strawberry planters so you can become more comfortable with your options.

Strawberries in Planters

A traditional strawberry planter is an upright container with an open top and numerous sizable apertures on the sides. The fundamental idea behind this design is to enable the growth of the greatest number of plants in a single container.

Each plant develops and cascades down the planter’s side, receiving perfect sunlight.
The producer enjoyed the following benefits of using a conventional strawberry planter:
the high fruit yield and hence high plant density
protecting the fruit from slugs and snails by keeping it off the ground.
Increasing airflow will stop fruit from rotting while lying on moist ground.

Planters for strawberries give your plants excellent growing conditions and provide you with versatility. Not to mention the option of producing a crop in a container when, for those of us who live in apartments or have hardscaping, a garden boundary or plot may not be available.

Strawberries in Pots

Many of the benefits of growing strawberries in planters apply to growing strawberries in ceramic or terracotta pots. Maximize the pot size yield by keeping the produce off the ground.

A strawberry pot is frequently favored for use on patios, balconies, or other areas where moving the pot around is more likely because of its smaller size than a planter. Typically, pots are up to 12 inches tall, making them portable. However, they don’t store as many strawberries per pot as other substitutes.

Strawberry Towers in Tiers

A strawberry tower is a portable way to lift plants off the ground and keep pests away. They take up relatively little floor area, and a modular system may frequently stack them vertically.

The tower has all the soil the plant requires, and it is simple to water it manually or with drip irrigation from the top down. To conserve space and add interest, you can put the tower on your patio, garden, or deck. These are also fantastic choices for those with restricted mobility because they are tall and frequently rotate to provide simple access to your plants.

We advise growing these fruits in towers if you’re short on space. Some are as tall as 7 feet and can hold up to 100 plants! As soon as they are mature, there will be plenty to pick, and any leftovers can be used to make delectable strawberry jam and compote.

Strawberry Planter That Hangs

The hanging planter can provide a fresh approach to adding a few more plants for those who have exhausted all the growing space in our gardens or on our balconies. Lean them against a wall or hang them from an above position.

The beautiful thing about hanging strawberry planters is that you can hang them across south or west-facing walls to take advantage of all the available sunlight. Enabling you to make excellent use of spaces that would otherwise be useless, such as a shed or an exterior outhouse wall.

Simply remember that strawberries and other fruits require a lot of water during the growing season. Many hanging planters may have soil pockets vulnerable to drying up, so frequently water.

Strawberries in Vertical Containers

Vertical containers are another excellent alternative for saving space. It’s among the best choices a strawberry farmer has. Perfect for minimizing fruit yield from a relatively little floor space and reducing fruit rot and pest damage.

Growing strawberries vertically is a common practice for both indoor and outdoor farmers. On some versions, you can rotate or adjust the individual planters within the vertical structure, which might occasionally be helpful. You can purchase them with between 3 and 7 tiers or levels.

Reviews of the Best Strawberry Containers

There are numerous possibilities and layouts, and most of them work well. But because I’m looking for the best strawberry pots and planters, I’ve considered the following factors: construction quality, the practical use of space for each strawberry plant, aesthetically pleasing design, and how simple it is to access the planter for potting and cropping.

5 Tier 4Ft Vertical Raised Garden Bed

Excellent construction, perfect for usage indoors or outdoors.
A great use of space is that 15 strawberry plants may be grown on a floor area of just 29 by 25 inches.
Available in green, brown, or grey are planter troughs.

Although expensive, you get a good quality product.

5 Tier 4Ft Vertical Raised Garden Bed

A vertical strawberry planter is a terrific choice if you seek a practical method to utilize your growing space. This Outland Living model has a sturdy steel frame that is simple to put together and has a good paint finish to protect it from inclement weather.

The frame is easy to set up and light enough to travel anywhere, measuring 48” tall by 29” wide.

This strawberry planter’s outstanding utilization of space distinguishes it from competing goods. In a highly accessible design, you can cultivate a sizeable crop of strawberries in just 29′′ × 25′′ of floor space. It gives you five little raised beds where you may work while standing. It is, therefore, ideal for someone with restricted mobility or a small garden.

Growing three varieties—an early, full-season, and a late fruiting variety—will help you get the most out of this product and extend the cropping season. I later discovered that drilling tiny drainage holes on the front of each tray’s bottom allows water to drain into the tray below.

Bloem SBP-60 BloemBagz Strawberry Planter


Pros                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Very robust using only recycled products
Available in 8 unique hues: Electric Blue, Olive, Graphite, Red, Burgundy, Brown, and Orange.
It folds away 18′′ deep when not in use, which significantly benefits root growth and strong fruit production.

Carry handles would have been good.

Bloem SBP-60 BloemBagz Strawberry Planter

With side pockets and dimensions 18 inches tall by 14 inches wide, this planter holds about 9 gallons of compost. It fits 12 strawberry plants. This planter has a unique benefit over conventional ceramic-type pots in that it is deeper. You will get a higher yield of strawberries with 18′′ of growth depth for roots.

Amazing Creation Stackable Planter

12.5′′ footprint, excellent utilization of available area
nifty 24′′ stackable modules that let you select the height

Built-in soil separators for water run-off made of rubber mats
Because there are no built-in drainage holes, avoiding overwatering or drilling some holes is essential.

The Amazing Creation stackable planter is a clever design that best uses 12.5′′ of floor space. This is a much more compact and basic variant, consisting of 5 stackable modules, each with a rubber soil filter tray which allows water to drain. This planter can hold fifteen strawberry plants and measures 24 inches when fully stacked. It lacks rotating layers and a central vermiculture system.

It is tiny enough to have one for each access on a worktop or at waist level. It’s ideal for someone who longs to garden but lives in an apartment or has mobility issues and needs their micro garden on the countertop. This product will work well in various situations involving little gardening.

The design is understated enough to suit anywhere; it only features this organic form in a shell-like tint. If hanging individual modules suits your needs, you can also do that.

Strawberry Planter Pot, 5 Pots, Mr. Stacky, 5 Tiers

With a 28-inch height and a 12-inch footprint, they are extremely space-saving. To construct, stack them.
Four hues are offered: brown, black, white, and green Drawbacks

For stability, it must be supported by a stable, level surface. Such as a patio or deck.

Mr. Stacky 5-Tier Strawberry Planter Pot

The ultimate space saver, 28 inches tall and 12 inches broad, can accommodate up to 20 strawberry plants. The straightforward and efficient modular design makes the best use of the available space while cascading, with each plant cell growing at intervals to the one above or below. Essentially, this keeps the plants from overlapping and exposes them to all the sunlight.

Each layer has detachable sides and bottom drainage ports of adequate size. Click each layer, in turn, to build the stack when you’re ready to pot. Watering from the top is simple when the stack is full of plants. The flow will naturally move downward to reach every plant in the stack. It includes a bottom saucer to catch extra run-off water.

IWNTWY 7 Pockets Vertical Hanging Planter

When pots and ground-level planting are not an option, a neat solution.
The felted cloth is suitable for holding water for a more extended period. Reusable and washable every year

Overwatering can wash out plants and soil and cause excess water to flow into the ground below.

IWNTWY 7 Pockets Vertical Hanging Planter

This is the ideal answer when you don’t have enough room for pots or ground-level planters and can’t grow something from the ground up. Attach this vertical hanging planter to a wall that receives plenty of sunlight, fill the pouches with strawberry plants and soil, water frequently, and watch your plants thrive.

This fabric garden planter’s felt pouches allow excess water to drain away while keeping the soil damp for longer. The non-woven material is also permeable, promoting strong, well-ventilated roots and soil that holds onto nutrients longer.

This ingenious design, which is 40 inches tall and 12 inches broad, has eyelets at the top and bottom to make hanging from a wall easy and elegant. Planting is made simple by the planters’ seven pouches, each expanding to 4.3 inches.

Architec Homegrown Gourmet Strawberry Patch Tower

Compact planting method that saves space
Stylish construction that can accommodate up to 12 strawberry plants

Plants must be closely clustered, which could reduce overall output.

Architec Homegrown Gourmet Strawberry Patch Tower

This lovely set of three cedarwood planting boxes will hold up to 12 strawberry plants at any given time if you only have a tiny area to cultivate strawberries. During the growth season, the pots will cascade beautifully with strawberry plants because they stack perfectly on top of one another.

Plant nursery plants, strawberry runners, or plugs around the outside edge of the bottom two planters to add decoration and function, then fill the top planter. The only thing left is constantly feeding and hydrating them while observing their growth. Then enjoy your harvest.

Each container has a convenient plastic tray for drainage that tucks into the container neatly. This is ideal for patio, balcony, or even sunny interior gardening in tiny spaces. Although your overall yield might not be as high, you can grow many strawberries in a small area. Each container is nine ′′ tall and 12′′ square in size.

Nutley’s Hanging Strawberry Growbag

Affordable vertical grow bags
provides a fantastic opportunity to cultivate strawberries on walls.
Simple to maintain and fold away for winter storage

It could not be strong enough to endure numerous growing seasons

Nutley’s Hanging Strawberry Growbag

By the US company Nutleys this time, another space saver. This stacked planter bag is 45 cm by 19 cm and can hold 16 strawberry plants. To make the most of its design, it must be suspended. Perfect for adding color to a tiny patio, balcony, or garden space. You’ll need a hook for your grow bag and sunlight to make your strawberry plants grow.

It is the ideal size to fold up and store at the end of the growing season in preparation for the next year because it is made of polyethylene and has been UV treated for extended life.

Wrap Up

Locate the best strawberry planters pots and towers for the area you have and enjoy fresh strawberries.

Visit our Buyers Guide page for additional information.


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