Grow Peas in Pots: a Step by Step Guide

Peas in Pots

Even people with constrained areas can relish freshly grown produce such as peas in pots all year round. Limited outdoor space shouldn’t stop anyone from experiencing the joys of cultivating their homegrown vegetables! Thanks to innovative ideas like container gardening.

How to grow peas in pots.

However, to achieve the best yields when growing peas in pots in container gardens, selecting a suitable pea variety that performs well under these conditions is essential. Also, the key is choosing a container compatible with their growth needs to promote healthy development from the early stages.

By conducting extensive research based on factors like growth habits. Yield gains. And disease resistance, we have identified the top five best peas for peas in pots for container gardening that will guarantee an abundant harvest.

Step by Step Guide

Sugar Magnolia Snap Pea Seeds

For all who appreciate quality & flavor, we highly recommend growing Sugar Magnolia Snap Pea Seeds to grow the peas in pots and in containers – from their striking magenta-colored pods to a unique taste; there’s something genuinely special about these peas which cannot be ignored. Sugar Magnolia Snap Peas are highly favored among global gardeners because of their inherent attributes like ease of growth indoors or outdoors while offering sweet and tender pods usable raw or cooked in dishes.

However, you must consider crucial aspects such as providing support as they grow – especially if you’re new to gardening; since they thrive in cooler weather conditions, hot temperatures should be avoided, while sugar magnolia snap pea seeds may take more time than others before germinating sprouts which need care & attention. But if cared for properly like how we did, deepest at around 1 1/2 inches apart from one another, adding trellis support where necessary, and moisture without waterlogging, they’ll probably bring great satisfaction, whereas harvesting was a breeze for us. These peas in pots tasted amazing whether we used them raw or cooked.

To summarize, those wanting delicious food with an exceptional visual impact would give Sugar Magnolia Snap Peas a chance!

Survival Garden Seeds – The Sugar Daddy Snap Pea Seed

For those who crave a tasty-yet-uncomplicated-to-grow pea variety for their home vegetable garden, we highly recommend Survival Garden Seeds – The Sugar Daddy Snap Pea Seed.


Watch as these compact plants develop fast-sprouting bush habits that give rise to 24-to-30-inch vines–supporting stakes and methods become obsolete! Enjoy deliciously sweet juicy peas that can be relished fresh or stored via freezing instead; blend them into salads and stir-fries, or add them as stand-alone snacks to your vegetable trays. Novice or seasoned gardeners can find detailed instructions on germinating and growing their peas in pots in their container garden in the elegant paper packet in which this seed variety comes packed.


Optimal blooming conditions for Sugar Daddy are during the spring–prepare well ahead of planting. Although these seeds are safe non-hybrid non-GMO heirloom seeds, they are sold only in single-count packets; consider purchasing multiple packets for larger gardens. Provide moderate watering for flourishing plant growth and harvest! Remember that moderate watering is necessary to successfully cultivate the Survival Garden Seeds – Sugar Daddy Snap Pea Seed. That said, keeping an eye on water levels for your peas in pots in your garden should suffice.

In summary, we encourage planting this delectable and straightforward-to-grow pea variety as a great addition to one’s home vegetable garden.

Thresh Seed Co. Dwarf Grey Sugar Pea

If you’re looking for a delicious and easy-to-grow pea variety to grow in pots for your container garden, we highly recommend the Thresh Seed Co. Dwarf Grey Sugar Pea.


This heirloom variety dating back to 1877, produces a bounty of tender 3” pods set on compact 24” vines.
Gorgeous, purple flowers give rise to amazingly sweet, stringless pods that can be eaten whole, fresh, or steamed.
Vines do not require trellising; doing so will aid in an abundant harvest.


Some customers reported poor germination rates.
A few customers found the pods to be tough and fibrous.
The plant may require more watering than some other pea varieties.

We planted the Thresh Seed Co. Dwarf Grey Sugar Pea in our container garden this year and have been thrilled with the results. The plants started producing pods about 60 days after planting, and we’ve been enjoying the sweet, tender peas ever since. We’ve found that the vines do fine without trellising, but we did notice a larger harvest when we provided some support.

One thing to note is that some customers have reported poor germination rates with these seeds. We didn’t have any issues ourselves, but it’s worth remembering. We also found that the pods can become tough and fibrous if left on the vine for too long, so be sure to harvest them at the right time.

Overall, we highly recommend the Thresh Seed Co. Dwarf Grey Sugar Pea for anyone looking for a tasty and easy-to-grow pea variety to grow their peas in pots for their container garden. Watch the watering and harvest the pods at the right time for the best results.

Green Arrow Pea Seeds – 50 Count Seed Pack – Non-GMO

Suppose you’re a gardener wanting a high-quality shelling pea variety that grows effortlessly even in cool weather conditions. In that case, we suggest trying out Green Arrow Pea Seeds, which experts highly recommend! These bright green peas are plump and tender; with a sweet taste, they make a perfect addition to any recipe- fresh, canned, or frozen!


The easy-to-harvest pods come off easily on light effort, making them one of the best varieties for peas in pots for container gardening.
The drought-tolerant qualities of these plants allow convenient direct sowing during cool seasons too.


One minor drawback is maturity time, as it’s important to wait before harvesting mature pods to ensure maximum quality already achieved by plant growth (but relatively slower). Also, removing peas from shells could be cumbersome, so consumers should think twice if they have limited time. Lastly, as green arrow peas grow quite tall, requiring trellis/fence support might not sit well with every gardener- yet many others can tackle this hurdle without issue.

To sum up, Green Arrow Pea Seeds are the top choice for those who require effortless and delicious peas!

Survival Garden Seeds – Oregon Sugar Pod II Pea Seed for Planting

We are pleased to recommend Survival Garden Seeds – Oregon Sugar Pod II Pea Seed for Planting if you want to cultivate a delicious and stress-free snow pea variety in your vegetable garden.


The pods of this non-GMO heirloom type are flat; they can measure up to 4” long and can be eaten cooked or raw – adding to their versatility. These productive vines grow up to 28” tall and require low maintenance, making them an ideal choice when used in container gardening supported by trellises. The included instructions make growing these a breeze befitting both novices and experienced gardeners.


That packet only contains a small count of seeds, which may not be enough if you intend to have a high-yield payload of snow peas. Keep the seeds appropriately stored in cool, dry places since older ones may not germinate, as some customers have reported before purchasing. The price may seem pricey compared to other seed packets, but we believe the high quality of this variety makes it worth investing in, especially since they’re non-GMO heirlooms.

From our experience with the Oregon Sugar Pod II from Survival Garden Seeds – we highly acclaimed them since their pea pods were succulent & flat, and the productive vines didn’t need much attention during cultivation. We adore how these non-GMO heirloom seeds allow us continuity with home farming for years ahead.

It recommended that those seeking peapods to grow peas in pots or container gardening go for container-friendly options with high yields and compact growth habits. To cultivate flourishing peas in a container garden, consider seeking a high-yield variety that will thrive within the confines of your pots.

Buyers Guide

Choosing a suitable variety is essential if you plan to grow peas in pots. To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of key features you should consider before selecting.

Be sure to look for pea varieties labeled as suitable for container gardening so you will be successful at growing the peas in pots.

Focus on finding peas with a compact growth habit; those labeled “bush” or “dwarf” varieties would make great options. These innovative varieties can thrive using minimal vertical space and produce ample pods for your enjoyment come harvest time. This variety is ideal for peas in pots type of container gardening.

Choose a variety labeled as high yielding or prolific to ensure you get the best possible harvest from your container garden. Considering these factors, your peas in pots will thrive with many delicious pea pods.

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